Open Access

What is Open Access?

Open access allows the readers without any permission barriers or cost barriers to reading the published content. Access is unlimited to use and reuse. Open access was initiated to overcome the restriction to access the research happening across the world. Now with the open platform, any researcher can access the data on finger touch without any restrictions. This has increasingly provided huge research literature to the scientific community to avoid redundancy of work and understand the happenings minute to minute. The published work is immediately available without any user barriers to read from any parts of the globe. ProClinS is dedicated to publishing all the work under open access platform to help researchers upgrade themselves with the latest happenings as soon as it is published.

ProClinS allow the readers to use and reuse the content when properly cited under the terms of Creative Commons Attribution License.

  • Allows text mining: Among the millions of research being published, it allows a user to mine the relevant topic of choice.
  • Research is useless when not distributed or shared. The open access allows the user reach maximum visibility to all the published content at any point of time.
  • Publishing under open access clearly minimize the duplication of research.
  • It gives the better visibility and impact to your published work.