Reviewer Guidelines

Reviewer Guidelines

Reviewers play a key role in maintaining a journal, quality. In the hot topics of science reviewers, demand may be high where the pool of expertise may be less. Thus ProClinS give due respect to all the reviewers who are dedicated to reviewing the given their academic pressures & qued reviews.

Before a reviewer accepts to review, we request him to check on the following aspects:

  • Does manuscript assigned, fall under your area of research/expertise?
  • Any conflicts such as a direct competitor, prior collaborator?
  • Review needs much of time and it can be a lot of work. Thus check your calendar before you accept upon your rolling other commencing work.

After accepting, please stick to the following terms:

  • Treat each of the work you review as confidential and do not include group discussions or do not assign to your fellow colleagues.
  • Make sure you allow time to read, understand and consider your own perspective in letting yourself check upon what journal and the scientific community is actually looking for.
  • Split your reviews pointwise such as abstract, introduction so that it will help author identify errors easily.
  • Add both strength and weakness of the manuscript that helps author identify his problem and make a proper revision. Do not abuse any author or his work.
  • Make sure, your reviews must be constructive, comprehensive and do not intend any personal remarks. Try providing unbiased reviews.
  • You may ask to revisit the revision. We request your time to give quick reviews that help editorial office to process the publication.