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Proclins, an Open Access publisher of academic journals provides a platform for all the researchers, scientists, doctors, students to update with the latest advancements in Science, Technology & Medicine.

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ProClinS Cardiology

Proclins Cardiology is a scholarly peer reviewed journal dedicated to educating the latest generation research of cardiologists that include comprehensive, in-depth exposure to all interspecific specialties of cardiac care and advanced surgical developments. We are committed to providing state-of-the-art cardiac care which is innovative, integrated and easily accessible to the readers.

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ProClinS Anesthesiology and Pain Management

Proclins Anesthesiology and Pain Management is committed to improving the future of this field through innovative research which provides the basis for further advances in the specialty and advances the intellectual underpinnings of anesthesiology which covers ambulatory, cardiothoracic, neurosurgical, obstetric, pediatric, trauma, transplantation and vascular surgery, as well as ac

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ProClinS Sports Medicine

Proclins Sports Medicine is an international peer reviewed open access journal deals with the promotion of exercise, health, study and understanding of sports performance, injury, prevention and treatment, exercise, drugs, and nutrition. The journal publishes papers which enhance athletic performance and physical fitness, prevent acute, chronic injuries and extend athletic careers. All the papers su

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ProClinS Gynecology and Obstetrics

Proclins Gynecology and Obstetrics is a peer reviewed medical journal which provides articles on the surgical, medical and clinical aspects of maternity, foetal medicine, Reproduction, Urogynecology, pregnancy-related issues, Vaginal diseases, Family planning etc, The journal provides a free platform to the students, researchers and scholars by providing access for reading and downloading the articl

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ProClinS Plant Sciences

Proclins Plant Science is an open access peer reviewed scientific journal which helps us to know about the plant life, how they evolve and how they grow under the natural conditions. Plants play a major role in the ecosystems which also help the sustainability of the human beings. The journal publishes the data related to research activities on the plant molecular and cellular biology, plant genetic

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