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Variation of the Internal Thoracic Artery in Human Bodies
Valchkevich Dzmitry*, Ivantsou Aliaksei, Valchkevich Aksana

The internal thoracic artery is considered the graft of choice for surgical revascularization of the ischemic myocardium. The real incidence of anatomic variations of the internal thoracic artery is not known, although it is an extremely important issue, considering surgical strategy, as well as immediate and long-term outcome. Variability in the origin of the internal thoracic artery gives rise to interest and deep research of the vessel to avoid surgical complications. During our traditional human cadaveric dissecting course, we found an unusual variation of the internal thoracic artery from thyrocervical trunk. The anatomical variability of the internal thoracic artery has been shown. At the same time, the presence of two suprascapular arteries on the right was noted. Information provided by this study may contribute to knowledge of anatomic variations of internal thoracic artery and in turn might help to prevent complications in its dissections.

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